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99.9%-99.999%Nitrous Oxide
Product classification: Medical Gas
CAS No.: 10024-97-2
EINECS No.: 233-032-0
Dot Class: 2.2
Cylinder Certificates: DOT, ISO, TPED 

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Product Details

A colorless, non-flammable, odorless and liquefied gas.


N2O Physical Properties 

Molecular Weight: 44.01

Specific Volume: 8.7CF/Ib

Fire Potencial: Oxidizer

UN No.: UN1070

Dot Name: Nitrous Oxide, Compressed

Dot Class: 2.2



Medicinal Nitrous Oxide is a Medicinal gas.
1. It's used as an inhalant anesthetic and analgesic drug associated to other anesthetic agents and oxygen.  The nitrous oxide complies with the European Pharmacopoeia.
Therapeutic Indication: Adjunct to general anesthesia in combination with all the anesthetic agents, administered intravenously or by inhalation.  Adjuvant analgesia in either operating room or work room.

2. It is used as a vector for drugs administered by inhalation and for the mechanical ventilation, also in anesthesia and reanimation. The Synthetic Air complies with the European Pharmacopeia.
Therapeutic Indication:  Vector of drugs administered by inhalation with nebulizeres (aerosoltherapy).  Mechanical action to restore the ventilation (artificial ventilation).


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