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99.99%-99.999%Carbon Dioxide
Product classification: High Purity Gas
CAS No.: 124-38-9
EINECS No.: 204-696-9
Dot Class: 2.2
Package: 40L/50LCylinder
Cylinder Certificates: DOT/ISO/GB
Order hotline:+86 28 88455212
Product Details

Carbon dioxide (chemical formula CO2) is a colorless and odorless gas vital to life on Earth.


Physical &Chemical Properties

Chemical formula:CO2

Appearance: colorless gas
Odor: odorless

UN No.:1013(gas) 1845(solid)

High Pure 99.999% Carbon Dioxide Gas




1. Food Industry

Carbon dioxide is a food additive used as a propellant and acidity regulator in the food industry. It is used to produce carbonated soft drinks and soda water.

2. Oil Industry

Carbon dioxide is used in enhanced oil recovery where it is injected into or adjacent to producing oil wells, usually under supercritical conditions, when it becomes miscible with the oil.

3. Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, carbon dioxide is mainly consumed as an ingredient in the production of urea, with a smaller fraction being used to produce methanol and a range of other products.

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