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99.999%-99.9999%Xenon Gas
Product classification: Rare Gas

CAS No.: 7440-63-3
UN No.: UN2036
Dot Class: 2.2
Cylinder Certificates: DOT, ISO, TPED 


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Product Details

A colorless, non-flammable and odorless gas.
Health Hazard: A simple asphyxiant.


Chemical Properties

Molecular Weight: 131.3

Specific Volume: 2.9CF/lb

Fire Potential: non-flammable

99.999% min
Krypton <5ppm
Argon <1ppm
Nitrogen <2ppm
Oxygen <0.5ppm
THC(as Methane) <0.5ppm
Water <0.5ppm



1. Illumination and optics: used in light-emitting devices called xenon flash lamps
2. Medical: Xe is used as a general anesthetic
3. Other uses: In nuclear energy applications, xenon is used in bubble chambers,[169] probes, and in other areas where a high molecular weight and inert nature is desirable.

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